I’d like to say that these are rumors, but when cast members come out and drop names and say that people are returning I’d say it’s pretty reliable. Recently DC All Access was able to catch up with a few of the cast members of Gotham and asked the normal show/character questions, but towards the end a new villain was announced and one was named as coming back.

Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon, name dropped Mr. Freeze and stated that the young Joker protege would popping up in season 2 of Gotham. We’ll also get to see a young Bruce develop his detective skills.

I wonder how they’re going to bring Victor Fries into the show. From what I can remember The Dollmaker, Electrocutioner , Victor Zsasz, Penguin and Riddler are all young adults in the show,so will they continue and show a young scientist who is love with a woman named Nora? Since they are messing with origins, what if Victor finds a frozen Fish Mooney as she floats into his already built frozen palace. I guess that since there are a lot of unnatural friendships he could be a past friend of Edward Nygma.

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