West Philadelphia born and raised, is where SHAZAM! spent growing up most of his…you know what, no. There are times that you think of things and they sound good on paper but reading them back to yourself make you feel almost embarrassed of what you just read. There’s already been a lot said about SHAZAM!, so I’m not going to put anyone through the battle of the brands that lead up to Captain Marvel being named SHAZAM !. What I will say is that no matter what, you need to see this movie.


There are many things that this movie does right and providing a digital version of heart projected to millions of people on a screen is one of them. Sometimes you have to remember what these superheroes were born out of. People who wanted to make a difference, have hope, provide a character that is born from the everyman to revolt against the powers that were keeping others down. A boy whose father thinks lowly of him, while another boy has a mother who saw a way out and voluntarily gave up her son. These are the stories that help inspire children in those same situations, it helps them become strong, build confidence and even though they may not have super powers they can grow up to be good people. That’s all that superheroes are, good people.


Mark Strong played perfectly. I’m glad they didn’t spend too much on him, but just enough to show his struggle and motivation as a child, his search and inevitable acquisition of the power he didn’t get as a child and his downfall. He showed up at the right time towards the end of the 2nd act and did what was needed to keep the plot moving.

Cooper Andrews and Marta Milans were seven kinds of wonderful as Billy’s adopted parents, and the best part of seeing them is that there are real foster parents out there who are that wonderful and that in turn is amazing

Jack Dylan Grazer is a strong character who plays a fan boy, but also knows the importance of being a hero and what it means to people. He may be younger, but in many ways he is Billy’s mentor

Asher Angel did his job as Billy showing a wide range of emotions and really plucking those heart strings when he confronts the mother who abandoned him and who still doesn’t want him in her life.

Zachary Levi really channeled his inner child and it worked. He has done so much greatness for charity and working with kids that if you told me that he spent most of his time playing video games with the kids in between shooting I wouldn’t dispute it.

A Superhero Movie for Kids

If you had told me that this movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, I’d tell you whole heartedly that I believe you because Spielberg likes to shoot movies for adults but through the eyes of a child. I feel like this movie has done the same, as it’s an adult superhero but you are seeing everything through the eyes of a young boy given a city to protect and all his friends are also children. If you’ve seen the movie Big with Tom Hanks, then you know how a child would act as an adult, but now we get to see the same premise but as an adult who has super powers. The struggle to learn what powers you have, how to control them and when to use them are all addressed. You also get to see the truth of what a boy would do if he was able to be an adult such as buy beer then realize it tastes horrible as well as go to a strip club. I felt this was a brave point to make by the writers, because even though this was a superhero movie, he’s still a teenage boy. I also want to point out that they show that even through bullies can be complete pieces of trash, that violence doesn’t always solve everything. There are so many times that the two bullies in the movie could have been beaten up by young Billy, but they chose to take the high road and not stoop down to their level.

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I really enjoyed this movie and recommend everyone to go see it. When people call movies feel good, I don’t always agree, in this case I completely agree. I can’t pick out any negative things about this movie and I’m ecstatic about it. From beginning to end the film is constantly moving and doesn’t stop. Even the end when each of the kids get’s one of the powers of SHAZAM! it was so fun because they all worked together as a family and had such a good time. That’s what this movie was, a good time.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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