The next Wolverine movie will be Hugh Jackman‘s last and even though he doesn’t look like it, he is getting up there in age. There have been many rumors floating around what the next Wolverine movie could be, who it could have in it and how it would affect the rest of the X-Men universe. So far Patrick Stewart is the only person that has hinted about being in the final film, which would give some closure to their story. Ever since Wolverine became part of the X-Men in the first movie, Professor X has been trying to probe his mind to help give him clarity on his past.

As I mentioned above, up until today no other person had made any mention of being in the movie until Liev Schreiber took to Twitter to comment on a picture Hugh Jackman had posted

Liev didn’t try to sugar coat it or anything, he put that right on front street! Now why by chance would Liev Schreiber may need to hit the gym again? Could it be because he’ll be back to star in Wolverine 3? All the signs point to yes, but how will it end and what part will he play.

If they take from the comic’s post Axis story line,Β Β then Sabretooth could have a change of heart and become the new Wolverine. Although, thinking about it now I don’t think that it would fit. During Comic Con the first few words from Hugh Jackman’s mouth were “Old Man Logan”, so the movie could end with Wolverine walking into the distance and then a shot of him as an old man popping his claws in a land ruled by Hulks.Β 

Right now everything is rumor and speculation with no real truth behind it, so we’ll just have to be a little more patient until more new emerges.

By Taylor

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