I suppose it goes without saying that his post will have not only my predictions on how The Rock will be written into the current storyline, but major spoilers for what happened at The Royal Rumble that took place a few days ago.

Over the past few months Sami Zayn has been in a word class story line with trying to be accepted into The Bloodline, which consists of Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa and managed by Paul Heyman. He has been put through multiple tests and has had his loyalty questions almost weekly by members of the team he wants to join. Sami has been resiliant, but also there has been a voice of reason and logic in his ear from a distance. That voice would be Kevin Owens who has known and been friends with Sami for over two decades. This is one of the best promos that really got the ball rolling on Kevin trying to logically speak to Sami, jump to 3:35

The match was set for Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns, leader of The Bloodline, at the 2023 Royal Rumble. The fight was for the belts, but I really believe that Kevin did it more to prove to Sami how dedicated he is to their friendship. He tells Sami over and over again how this isn’t good for him and even puts his body on the line to fight for their friendship. He is doing everything possible to show Sami that he has been and will always be there for him.

Sami’s loyalty got put on trial the Monday Night Raw before the Royal Rumble. In this instance we see Jey Uso come to the aid of Sami and defend his right to be part of The Bloodline.

We can see how the family is slow being divided with Jey defending a glorified pledge to the leader of The Bloodline. Jey put all his chips in on Sami Zayn and now he has to back that up, which will get to in a moment.

At the Royale Rumble Roman tells Sami his final test will to stick to his side during his match with Kevin Owens. Sami does so, but also secretly helps Kevin Owens during a time where the referee is out and Roman demands a chair. This time allows Kevin to get back on his feet and avoid the chair.

The match ended up going Roman’s way but the cameras didn’t cut off after Roman was declared the winner. No, the show went on because The Bloodline had to show Kevin a lesson. After being attacked by each member of The Bloodline, Roman picked up a chair and lined up to hit an unconcious and handcuffed Kevin Owens. This is when Sami stepped and tried to reason with Roman not to hit Kevin as it was beneath him and the fight was over. Roman agreed and told Sami to do it, as it wasn’t below him and this would surely soldify his place in The Bloodline. Sami is reluctant and Roman gets mad and in his face, ending with this happening

Roman has to be not only furious with Sami but have some PTSD with what happened with Seth Rollins when he broke up The Shield. Jimmy and Solo attack Sami, but Jey does nothing. He stays in the corner and when the rest of The Bloodline address Jey’s non inolvement, he rolls out of the ring and leaves with his head in his hands.

We all knew this was going to happen, we all knew that Sami would never really join The Bloodline, but we didn’t know how it would happen. We didn’t know who would betray who and what ramifications it would have. This is where my prediction comes into play.

The Rock was rumored to be involved with Wrestlemania some how, but there was no clear path in the story to how it would happen. The Royal Rumble was to be the end of this Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens/Bloodline feud, so people were wondering if The Rock has plans to be a part of the actual Royal Rumble and make his way into this story. Now we know The Rock did not appear at Royal Rumble it’s safe to say that The Rock will make an appearance or two on the way to Wrestlemania, mainly to confront and maybe even Challenge Roman Reigns.

In my opinion, The Rock’s thought process is this. Roman is the Tribal Chief, but has let The Bloodline fall apart at his hands. He has allowed betrayal to happen and even caused brothers to part ways. He, as a legitimate part of The Bloodline, will now have to address this to Roman and call him out on if he still deserves to be the leader. The Rock may bring up the option of him being the Tribal Chief. The Rock doesn’t have to wrestle, he just has to sit back and give orders. He doesn’t even have to be there at every show. Roman will retain his belts and defend them at Wrestlemania, but he may not do them as the Tribal Chief. This may be Roman’s test from The Rock. Roman will have to prove himself to retain the Tribal Chief name and tasked to bring back The Bloodline to it’s full strength. Once Wrestlemanis is over The Rock will be on his way and Roman will deal with the fallout of what happens. Wrestlemania is very far away and there is a lot of story to be told, so as it get’s closer I’ll give that prediction then.

By Taylor

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