Today it was announced the Roman Reigns, real name Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi, would be joining The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, in Hobbs and Shaw, which is an offshoot of the Fast and Furious movies.

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Family Healing! I cannot thank my family, friends and my new FAST & FURIOUS FAMILY enough for all the love and support I have received while on this exciting HOBBS & SHAW project. The time I‘ve spent with my cousin on this wonderful island has truly been a healing grace.  I am grateful to the @wwe @therock @universalpictures and everyone on the set of HOBBS & SHAW, for allowing me to be a part of this franchise. All of your outreach and support has been a blessing and it’s only pushed me to get back in the ring as soon as possible. But until then…I’m excited for this movie to premiere this summer, our culture and mana in this film is strong! 📸: @hhgarcia41 #HobbsAndShaw #BigDog #WelcomeRomanReigns #WWE #TheRock

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I was introduced to Roman Reigns when he was called up to the main roster of WWE as part of The Shield. He was a force to be reckoned with and from the start he was built as the muscle. I was really into CM Punk at the time and soon after The Shield coming to the main roster they came into a story line that involved CM Punk. Fast forward later when Roman had turned from heel to face, he was written to be the next big thing, but the crowd just wasn’t behind him. There were those who, like myself, were part of the Roman Empire which fully backed everything that he did and always rooted for him.

After failed story line after story line to get the crowd fully where they wanted them to be, Roman Reigns finally started to get some traction. The one thing is that with every highest high there’s a lowest low, and his came in mid October of 2018. He, the Universal Champion at the time, opened up Monday Night RAW to announce he had gone back into treatment for Leukemia and would have to surrender the title. No matter if you cheered or boo’d him, his speech didn’t leave a dry eye in the house and even his Shield brothers came out with tears in their eyes. He did make mention that this would be not be a retirement speech, but a slight time away to get better.

I’ve been waiting on his return ever since he announced his departure, but today it announcement of him joining The Rock as his brother in the upcoming Hobbs and Shaw gave me hope. Putting him in a movie where, hopefully, he won’t die, and will hopefully produce multiple sequels means he will stay in the spotlight. He can even follow what The Rock would do, which is come back to WWE and still be in story lines, but not the main focus where he couldn’t still be in a movie or two. I’m not saying this will launch a career, but it does he’s going to be out there, being positive and staying in shape all the while getting ready for his big WWE return.

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