Just announced today was the collection of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Over the past year Resident Evil has been sprinkling high definition remakes of old games, with mixed reviews. I personally found no reason to revisit the Resident Evil Zero game after it turned out to be pretty much the Gamecube version, not to mention the disappointment I had with the original Resident Evil HD version. You may have fooled me once with the promise of a better looking game that brings me back a time in my life where these graphics were ok, but don’t promise me a polished turd which only turns out to be the same thing with a new scent. With that being said I’d like to direct you to the following announcement trailer

This doesn’t look like the same old high definition remake that I’ve seen in the past, but it looks like they actually put some time into this. I will say that these games came out in the time of HD gaming, so they may not be that much higher definition but at least they won’t look fuzzy. We all know out of the three that are announced, Resident Evil 4 is the best one and that’s why it’s being released later on this year. People may give Resident Evil 6 crap for it’s logo as well as the episodic levels, but I really enjoyed it and the multiplayer wasn’t half bad either. The one thing I can look forward to not seeing or hearing again is the racist remarks that Resident Evil 5 came with. The only remarks that you’ll hear me yelling are when Sheva get’s in my way when I’m trying to kill an enemy, that always pissed me off. I also hope that all downloadable content comes already included, if not they may be facing a crap tornado from the fans.

Resident Evil 4 – Fall 2016

Resident Evil 5 – Summer 2016

Resident Evil 6 – March 29, 2016

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