What sounds like a Youtube show is actually a real thing coming to NBC from DC. According to Deadline the show will be centered around regular people in a workplace with the added benefit of having some DC characters drop by now and then. Sadly you won’t be seeing any big names like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman in the show but there will be characters. With the huge catalog of characters in the DC Universe there’s a chance a characters could very well show up every episode.

The one thing I was glad to read about this show is that it’s going to be filled with comedy. On CW, CBS and Fox you have your gritty action packed DC shows but now we can see the lighter side. Just as an example take a look at what Saturday Night Live did

Seeing this sketch shows me that a reoccurring character could really be a great inclusion, like a really unpopular goofy superhero who get’s bullied around by the employees.

No exact date has been set for the network is shooting for a premiere next season

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