It only makes sense that another God of War is being and of course things will be leaked, but this has been spoken about for quite a while so is anyone really surprised. Kratos is arguably one of the main faces of Playstation even since Crash Bandicoot was sent packing with his little floating tiki head. Ever since Playstation 2 there has been a God of War game on every iteration and I believe its time we see one on the Playstation 4.

The talk of a new God of War has been around since the day after God of War 3 was released and way back in 2014 a reputable studio made mention of it on social media.

After that tweet was sent out everything was pretty quite, until today when this was sent out

And then this was sent out a few hours later

You may be scepticle, but then a NeoGaf thread was brought to the publics attention with photos courtesy of Nerdleaks, but they were taken down so only a few images were available along with the following information


  • A Kratos-looking character with a beard
  • A Norse mythology setting
  • Alfheim and “Land of the Fairies” are a few of the image’s names
  • The Kratos-looking character will be in prison at one point
  • The Kratos-looking character has an axe that he can use to cut vines and create bridges/walkways
  • The surrounding environment could interact with the character

God of War 4 leaked concept art 1 God of War 4 leaked concept art 2 God of War 4 leaked concept art 3 God of War 4 leaked concept art 4 God of War 4 leaked concept art 5


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