Pokemon Go Beta Gameplay Leaks And It Doesn’t Look That Appealing

Nintendo made a surprising splash with the release and, dare I say it, success of Miitomo for mobile devices. The game has pretty much turned into a daily task that I have added on the list of apps I check. The other mobile game that Nintendo has slated for release soon is Pokemon Go. which is a mobile game based around being a trainer and catching Pokemon. It’s not meant to take the place of the adventures you experience on your Nintendo 3DS, but it was set to be another way to cash in on the Pokemon craze.

Earlier today a video was released of a beta testers gameplay, and if this is what they have in store then count me out.

I don’t know what kind of sounds this game will provide, but if it’s anything like the look of the game it will be full of shrieks and off tune notes. From what I can see you make create a trainer and walk around the most low resolution Google map that has been zoomed out 10x. I don’t know if you actually fight anything, because it looks like you just throw Pokeballs at Pokemon to attack and catch them. At one point you come across a stack of rocks and get loot…so does that mean that you are now geocaching during the game? I’d also like to make mention that the interface looks uninteresting and all you’re really doing is going around filling out your Pokedex without all of the fun battles and interactions.

There was a section where it turned from the nasty Google Maps 1.0 to an actual outside shot, so it showed Pokemon in augmented reality. I understand that this is just a beta and the finished product may be all AR, so that’s why I may look down at this beta video now but still download it for the experience later when the finished product is released.


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