Each week I try to bring you the news that not only I’m interested in, but that I think you’d be interested in as well. At times I skip things because I don’t know that much about the subject, but I understand that it’s still important to some you out there. So, I decided to round up some links to news items and trailers that I may have missed

Monkey vs. God in a three round match Link

For Divergent fans Link

Scrooge is going to shoot you if you’re on his property Link

Captain Rousey Link

I remember this movie back when it was called Fire in the Sky Link

Silent Bob goes forever silent Link

Nick Offerman is a spartan soldier Link

Sorry Mr. Stapp, wrong Creed Link

From a spider to a snake and still as sexy Link

Hit Girl is going surfing Link

Flash season 2 episode 1 description (spoilers) – Link

Arrow season 4 episode 1 description – Link


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