Each week I try to bring you the news that not only I’m interested in, but that I think you’d be interested in as well. At times I skip things because I don’t know that much about the subject, but I understand that it’s still important to some you out there. So, I decided to round up some links to news items and trailers that I may have missed

It’s not even Halloween yet and we’re getting these scary ass movies Link

This scene from Black Mass is pretty intense Link

Hey I was right, the fly will be in the sequel Link

Are you eligible for low cost mobile service from Google Link

It’s the Area 51 project Link

What DC character is this Common Link

I still don’t think this movie will be that fantastic Link

In the future we’re ok with steroids Link

DC and WB focus more on girls with their latest partnership Link

It’s a bleak distopia and you have to survive, but please make sure you have a tricked out car  Link



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