Every Wednesday you can head down to your local comic book store and pick up a new comics from multiple publishers. As much as I appreciate and respect all the publishers, I do have an affinity for DC and Marvel books. I will open this up to the audience and if you want a full list of all the comics released today I can list them, but for now it’s DC and Marvel. Below are the new releases from DC and Marvel for December 26, 2018

Batman Beyond Volume 4 Target Batman TP, $14.99
Green Arrow War Of The Clans DC Essential Edition TP, $29.99
Nightwing Volume 7 The Bleeding Edge TP, $19.99
Superman The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 3 HC, $34.99

Fantastic Four #5 (Cover A Esad Ribic), $7.99
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover B Alex Ross), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover C Simone Bianchi Susan Storm Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover D Mark Brooks), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover E Jack Kirby Alicia Remastered Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover F Jack Kirby Thing Remastered Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover G Elizabeth Torque), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover H Ashley Witter), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover I Gerald Parel Conan Vs Marvel Heroes Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover J Mike McKone Party Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover K Esad Ribic Premiere Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #5 (Cover L Mike McKone Party Sketch Variant), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover A Travis Charest), $3.99
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover B Mike Hawthorne), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover C Emanuela Lupacchino), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover D John Buscema Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover E Marko Djurdjevic Fantastic Four Villains Variant), AR
Superior Spider-Man #1 (Cover F Skottie Young), AR
Uncanny X-Men #7 (Cover A Elizabeth Torque), $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #7 (Cover B John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Uncanny X-Men #7 (Cover C Dale Keown), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $4.99
X-Force #1 (Cover B Rob Liefeld), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover C Gerardo Zaffino), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover D Marko Djurdjevic Fantastic Four Villains Variant), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover E Leinil Francis Yu), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover F Mike Mignola Remastered Variant), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover G Skottie Young), AR
X-Force #1 (Cover H Blank Variant), AR

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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