It was recently announced on the Capcom-Unity website that Mega Man Legends would be coming to Playstation Network next Tuesday, September 29, for $9.99. The title will be be playable on Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, and since this was originally a Playstation title I doubt it’ll come to Xbox One.

I tried to search for some video of the game, if you’re like me and have never played it, but it was really difficult. I was able to find a promtional trailer of the game under it’s original title Rockman Dash.

I’m a fan of Mega Man with his helmet on and the only time I want to see if off is in the opening of the game or at the end, not during it. The game seems somewhat open, with designated pathways you have to follow but with some leeway. I guess if you were following Mega Man through a strage this is what it would look like, which a cool perspecitve, but for stubbord people like me I prefer the 2D look.

By Taylor

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