Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Will Open The Door For Another Super Mario RPG

It’s always fun to see characters in game venture outside of their element and introduce you to a different side of them. Seeing a good majority of Disney characters brandish weapons, and attack people in Kingdom Hearts showed a different side of each character. When it comes to kid games, such as any of Nintendo‘s Mario games, seeing Mario shoot anything other than fireballs never would have crossed my mind. Even in Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy the weapons used weren’t all that dangerous. Well Ubisoft gave us just that with the game that kicked off their conference, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

To see Yves Guillemot and Shigeru Miyamoto on stage together, showing off a game that has Mario shooting rabbids tactically with a gun was pretty amazing. The game art had been leaked a week prior, but to finally see how the game played reminded me very much of Final Fantasy Tactics. I know everyone goes right to XCOM, but that’s only because it’s recent and in that regard I suppose I’m showing my age. In any case a tactics game that takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom using the environment that we all grew up destroying and warping through was surely a site that I never thought would happen.

In the main campaign for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, players will form a team of three unique characters, customizing their abilities via each character’s dedicated skill tree to form the perfect trio. In the game’s additional co-op challenges, players team up with a friend in local multiplayer, where they’ll play three levels of difficulty, taking on adversaries as a team. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will take advantage of the ability of Nintendo Switch to be played anywhere, anytime and is fully functioning on the go for both solo and co-op players.

When I see ideas like this it makes me wonder if this was just a test to see possibly if Nintendo gamers were interested in a role playing tactics game, or possibly just a role playing game. You see, Super Mario RPG has been on the wish lists of many gamers who enjoyed it on the Super Nintendo, and later when they borrowed it from the internet and played it with non Nintendo controllersSuper Mario RPG dealth with only Nintendo properties, and even invented a few others which never made their way to other games. It was a new way to experience Mario and you even had the chance to play as Bowser. Leveling up, combing powers and exchanging equipment to help you in battle brought an older feel to what most would consider kids characters. If you didn’t level up and get the right equipment, then party members would die in battle. I’m going to assume that in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle there are similar circumstances, as it’s said you have hundreds of weapons to choose from within the game.

Mario and his friends will use hundreds of never-before-seen weapons to strategically take out enemies in true Rabbids style – with the occasional well-timed misfire. Players will use turn-based combat to strategically move their heroes across the battlefield to gain higher ground, utilize the pipe system and destructible environments, and receive a friendly boost from their teammates to get into their optimal firing position. Utilizing combat tactics and the cover system, players will explore the four unique worlds with their team of heroes defeating foes, gathering collectibles and solving puzzles along their quest.

I may not be all in with everything that Nintendo is putting out for the Nintendo Switch, but I am for this game and the progression it’s making when it comes to Nintendo and the Mario franchise.


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