Sadly, the excitement of Mortal Kombat X has slightly faded into the night. Most of the people I usually saw playing it now don’t pick it up anymore and E3 didn’t have any new information. The Jason Voorhees DLC that was released was great as a name, but the mechanics of Jason himself weren’t all that great. I felt he was slow and there was no need to play as him after you saw his fatalities. Well, let’s hope that the next DLC character is more fun to play with and makes people pop the game back in their system.

The Predator actually makes a lot more sense than Jason. Predator is a hunter and has a vast array of weapons and tactics to make him a killing machine. All you have to do is watch an Alien vs. Predator movie and see how they used Aliens as game for hunting.

As far as fatalities, I’d like to see the Predator remove the skull of the player, polish it then just stare at it. If you want to go to level specific fatalaties, he could skin the player and hang them up like in Predator 2. In the end the perfect nod would be if he hit the self destruct on his armband and did the laugh from the original Predator.

By Taylor

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