I’m not sure if this still holds true, but it used to be that only the people in the preview program were able to get exclusives like preview games. I signed away my preview program rights to get the new dashboard update, but I still have access to preview games so I guess I may have read that part of the agreement wrong.

In any case, there is a new horror game coming to preview on the Xbox One and you may or may not be able to play it depending on what you opted into. The game is Layers of Fear and it’s been out on Steam for a while, so if you’re familiar with the game then you have a one up and can get some easy achievements.

The preview will be available on Friday and will offer 2-3 hours gameplay with updates focused mostly on bugs and a few bits of additional content. The description of the game describes it as a psychedelic horror where you control an insane painter hell bent on finishing his magnum opus. It looks to be a first person game that is set in the victorian era and filled with dark creepy areas. There isn’t an Xbox One trailer, so this is the one for the Steam version

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