Starting today you can pick up Killer Instinct Season 3 not only as a downloadable content on your Xbox One, but also on your Windows 10 machine. I know I’ve already said this in the past, but there was a reason why Microsoft pushed out the ability to play Xbox One on a Windows 10 PC. All this time they have been collecting data on how streaming runs and I believe it was all for the ability to offer cross platform play. I know it was announced not too long ago, but the ability to do it so quickly after meant that they had to have something cooking in the lab for some time. This isn’t the Xbox One Playstation 4 crossover that we are interesting in seeing, but it is a step that Sony had done with their consoles and it was time for the Xbox to catch up.

If you already have DLC for the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct then it can all be carried over to your Windows 10 version as well, so there won’t be any need for you to buy the same game and content twice. On Windows 10 you will also experience  60 frames per second with 4K support and the 60FPS will also transfer to multiplayer matches. Kim Wu and Tusk will be the two new additions to season 3 of Killer Instinct and will be available on Windows 10 along with other characters such as Rash and Arbiter.

By Taylor

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