Sadly DC‘s Jonah Hex movie didn’t perform the way that fans wanted it to, but the results of the movie had polar opposite effects. Josh Brolin went onto playing Thanos for Marvel and Meagan Fox went to star in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I suppose a paycheck is a paycheck but it’s funny to think that more people will see Jonah Hex when he becomes an occasional character in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, than when he was in his own movie. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed Jonah’s television appearance in an interview with EW

Ever since we decided that Legends would involve time travel, we were eager to do a story set in the Old West. But if you’re going to do a story set in the DC Universe version of the Old West, you simply must include Jonah Hex in it. We’re thrilled about bringing another well known, beloved DC character to television.

Jonah Hex will make his Legends of Tomorrow premiere in episode 11, and as of right now there’s no word on who will be playing the disfigured cowboy.

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