Even thought it’s been almost a month, people are still watching the Batman v. Superman trailer to see if they can find any Easter eggs or hints that haven’t been revealed yet. One big rumor is that the villain that Wonder Woman is fighting is Doomsday and the huge burned up area is caused by him. We all saw the brief glimpse of Zod‘s body and there’s speculation that that is the basis of what become Doomsday. Lex Luther will be behind all this of course, but what we reported on Heroic Hollywood seems to make Doomsday a bigger threat that he normally is.

According to the report Wonder Woman fights Doomsday and during the fight she cuts off his hand, but it grows back as a huge bone sword. So now it’s sword vs sword with whatever powers he has against Wonder Woman. This is probably when we see Superman fly in to assist and we’ll also probably see Batman there as well.

The other two cameos that are rumored are when Batman enters Lexcorp during the movie and views video cameras. There’s one camera that shows a video of armed men that get knocked out by a something that runs quickly by them, there is another camera which shows a tank of water and Aquaman banging on the glass. These are unconfirmed, but it would be cool to see these scenes in the film.

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