Every once in a while I like to turn on my Ouya and take a look at the indie games being developed. I always search for the free ones, because they’re mostly betas and a lot of these companies are trying to still get more funding. Yesterday I turned on my Ouya and browsed the store only to find two new games that coincidentally had similar themes. Apparently I found not only a side scrolling jumper, but I also found an endless jumper.

Super Jumper

Super Jumper is a pretty great title for this game, because all you do is jump. There’s no story and the only control you use is the left and ride sides of your directional pad, because your character jumps automatically. I believe your character is permanently facing one way, so you only see the left or right side of his body at one time. The background is a stationary picture of a forest, so there’re real no way to see just how high you’ve gone. The platforms that you jump on are either still or moving left to right, so when jumping you really have to be careful and change direction in midair at times. The ony enemie I came across looked like a fox with wings and because you have no attacks, one hit kills you. The other thing that kills you is missing platforms. You get one jump after you land on a platform, and if your don’t make it you’re dead because the screen moves up when you move but never moves back down. This is truly a cell phone break waster, it’s not meant to be played for long periods of time and is a relatively small download.

Coward Hero

First and foremost I don’t think it’s fair that this person be called a coward. You start out a young guy wearing armor and carrying a shield and sword attacking enemies differently depending on who they are. The story revolves around you attacking enemies that are threatening your village, and I’d say that was pretty good based on having only 4 panels of artwork to go off of. There are 4 different enemies, 2 of them have to be killed with your sword and the other 2 have to be killed by your shield. If you try to memories the monster’s themselves it’s impossible, I just memorized the colors and went off that. Β The main character must really be into cardio because he is constantly running, and it’s up to you to jump and attack accordingly to collect the coins in the level and kill the enemies. Each level is graded on a three star rating, this is based on coins picked up, enemies killed and if you were hit by any enemy. Your life isn’t measured by bars or HP, but by your armor itself. You start with nice armor, a big shield and sword but when you get hit your armor gets removed and your shield and sword become smaller. If you get hit the attacks don’t change, everything is a one hit kill. The levels go from running, to being able to float, to having reverse markers that push you back and ground that slows you down. After you complete each level you get rewarded with green gems, which are used to revive you if you die. This is also a break waster, as you can knock out about 15 levels in 15 minutes if you get good at the game.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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