The Forza games have been a staple with Xbox ever since it’s inception. For car lovers, each Forza game is packed with car porn that players can mess with for hours and hours. Detailed tracks with deep insight to what makes them unique, cars that look almost too real to be video games and gameplay that is custom to each car, each track and each modification you attack to it. Modifications are new this year, as well as the spin function. Each time you level up you get a spin, and you can win cars, more money or mod cards. These mod cards are either good forever or for a single race and you can have up to three equipped at one time. Some mod cards are specific to certain cards, so reading is very important.

The Forza Motorsport 6 demo puts you in three qualifying races and one showcase race. After picking a car from the available ones they have you start your mini career. The game starts off easy on a normal track during the day and gets harder with each track. The second course was my favorite, because it was at night, the buildings were lit up and I felt like I was really there. Some of these tracks have some of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen and I honestly would love to take a tour of some of the over seas tracks just to see what they offer. After the second career race you get to play a showcase race with an indy car. The indycar goes 250+ mph and all the turns can handle any speed. Usually there are markers on the road telling you to slow down or speed up, but this track’s markers never changed to a slow down speed. The one bad thing about this race, is with one small bump you get spun out. I went from a good position to dead last in a matter of seconds, because everyone else is also going 250+ mph. After you finish the showcase you head back for your final qualifying race, which is the hardest out of the bunch. It’s rainy and the track has huge puddles of water, that make your car go crazy if you hit them. It took me a few tries to complete it, but with some clever editing you probably won’t know.

Looking back at the demo, I had a lot of fun regardless of how that rainy level made me feel. The graphics look amazing, the sound is amazing if you have surround sound speakers or headphones and the cars look top notch.Seeing the steering wheel and how they drive each car never gets old and any music that comes in is deafened by your car and the other players. I assume this is to make you feel more like the driver. The game is out soon, so if you like Forza this is a definite buy.

By Taylor

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