Developed By NVYVE Studios
Produced By: NVYVE Studios
Available On: Xbox One, Steam, Playstation 4
Reviewed On: Steam
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Score [1-5]: 4


As we get more and more technologically savvy, able to go further into the depths of space and deeper in the Earth, we know eventually there will be something out there that will be tipped off and make it its mission to destroy us. This is always the case in movies where a company with limitless amounts of money wants to become the hero to the people while secretly also wanting to be their ruler. I’d like to go out on a limb and say that the creator of the fictional in game company HYPERGUN watched the same movies, and that’s why they started their company. Why wait for the threat of the unknown to make itself known to start preparing yourself. The military may have their future weapons, but they’re only protecting against other humans. What happens when some infantry comes across a seven foot monster with shields and a razor blades for hands rushing towards them? Well, after they crap their pants they’re going to hope that the gun they have is able to take this monster down. Again, this is where HYPERGUN comes in to keep everyone prepared.

HYPERGUN Offices aka The Office v3.0

When you first enter the game you enter an office with multiple areas to explore filled with computers and manilla folders filled with company notes, funny emails and memos about the HYPERGUN project. The layout is pretty big, and I only compare it to the show The Office because of I feel like this company has a laundry list of characters that could easily be featured in a HYPERGUN office simulation. The company has a focus on protecting the world from an invasion and they’re looking to you to go through numerous simulations that pit you against enemies of different degrees of difficulty while building the ultimate gun.

Gameplay aka A Test of Patience and Acceptance

Before I talk about the gameplay, let me inform you that it took almost five hours to pass the first simulation. Holy crap talk about git gud, I was dying left and right and I started second guessing myself more than I already do in games. I was wondering how this game was suppose to be played and if I was playing it correctly or had I just made a huge mistake. This is where the patience and acceptance part comes in. As I mentioned there are numerous folders laying around the office with notes from employees and I remembered reading one about dying. It stated that you will die a lot, and when a game is knows its pushing the limits of challenging you don’t seem to worry too much about dying over and over again.

The gameplay itself is honestly pretty unique with a mixture of a virtual reality experience with 80’s dance music. There are a few playable characters, but to play anyone other than who you start as you’ll need to buy them with in game currency found in simulations. Each additional character comes with their own set of statistics, but sadly I didn’t get enough in game money to purchase any of them. There are also mods that you can buy for guns to help create the perfect HYPERGUN but those also cost in game currency found in areas of the simulation. There a ton of modifications you can buy for your gun and character, but since you only get as few pieces of currency during an entire simulation the option to replay is key if you want to get everything. There’s a minishop available during the simulation where you can buy items such as health and ammunition for your special attack. This comes with a big choice depending on how you’replaying, because if you’re low on health then you should buy health but if you’re good then saving it for a gun modification may be way to go. Dying loses any progress in the simulation, but you get to keep any in game currency you have found. The levels are also randomly generated, meaning you’ll go through the game rooms but the way you get there will be different with each death. There is a board that you can view before you head into a simulation that shows your progress in the game, and it doesn’t really mean much but it’s just nice to know that even you’ve died a hundred times you’ve taken quite a few enemies with you.

I can only speak of the enemies in the first simulation, because even though this game supports cloud saves the patch that turned my demo to the full game erased all of my progress. There aren’t a of enemy types, but the ones that caused so many of my deaths were the snipers hiding behind their shields. The most annoying enemy that I came across was the flying ones, because you can shoot what they shoot at you but depending on what you use you may need to practice your aim. I used an Xbox One controller, but I did try a mouse and keyboard and oddly enough I was better using a controller.

Final Thoughts

HYPERGUN is a fast paced first person shooter with a high emphasis on strategy and patience. Depending on what you have in your arsenal and who you’re facing the usual strafe and shoot may not work, so you really have die a lot to get use to simulation layouts and enemy patterns. You may have unlimited ammo for your primary gun, but you also don’t want to have to rely on your secondary ammunition when you’re stuck in a corner. The game has it’s music cue’s down perfectly as the background music changes going into a regular room with enemies, to challenge rooms and boss battles. The ever changing music pretty much makes you feel like the coolest guy in the world when you get into your groove, and believe me there will be times where the controls just flow out. HYPERGUN is beautiful to the eyes, challenging and at times frustrating, but that only makes the game that much rewarding when you finish an area. The feeling of clearing a room with little to no damage is almost as great as defeating a boss, because you truly feel like you’ve accomplished something remarkable.  I know that multiplayer is a big thing with first person shooters, but I believe that for the time being this should stay a strictly single player experience. I’d say pick it up for consoles if you’re an achievement or trophy hunter, but if you’re all about the PC master race then this is a must buy right now.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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