Ever since Ronda Rousey came to the WWE there’s been a debate on who would be on par with her, as she came in being one of the most dominate wrestlers in the women’s division. The have thrown wrestlers with different strength and weaknesses at her, and not matter who she faced she came out on top. I personally thought that she would be take over RAW as an undefeated wrestler much like Asuka did in NXT and Charlotte Flair had in regards to pay per views. Over on Smackdown Becky Lynch had been making her presence known as she had been given a great story line and written some amazing promos.  

The single event that really lit the fire of an explosive story line was during RAW when Becky led an all out assault on the RAW beginning with a shot of her having Rousey in a Disarmher.

Unfortunately due to an injury to Becky by Nia Jax, the upcoming match with Becky and Ronda would have to be postponed and the story line would have to be changed. I don’t think this caused grief for anyone except the wrestlers, because the amount of social media buzz this event received gave the writers an ending to a story they now had to write. We have to get a match between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, but we can’t do it with them as champions so both will have to drop their belts.

At the time of writing this we are days away from the Royal Rumble where both Ronda and Becky are set to defend their titles. Ronda Rousey will be facing Sasha Banks and Becky  Lynch will be facing Asuka. After Royal Rumble there are only two more pay per views until Wrestlemania, and they need that time build a story and get Ronda to face Becky at Wrestlemania.

So let’s make some predictions

Ronda and Becky will both drop their titles at the Royal Rumble. This will open them up to not only have their rematch at either during a pay per view or an episode of RAW/Smackdown. They will also lose, but both will lose to interference or because they were in a triple threat match where their loss can be blamed on another person. Either or they won’t look weak for eating a loss, but continue to be built up as dominate and powerful. After Fastlane the story will get ramped up and Ronda or Becky will call the other out and challenge them for a match at Wrestlemania. The reason for this call out will be that they need to know who’s better, and this was a match was suppose to happen but never did. It’ll be disarmher vs armbar, the fight to see who has the submission that will tap the other out. The contract signing will be on RAW while Smackdown will give Becky a chance to vent and maybe a surprise appearance by Ronda for one last promo before Wrestlemania.

As far as who will win, I have no idea. This was just about how they both to Wrestlemania, but I will offer up some options if something else happens that would cause the store to change again. I would really love for there to be a clash of the 4 horse women when Shayna Baszler gets called up from NXT, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. If anything they would move Ronda to Smackdown and bring up Shayne to RAW so there would be a horse women on each brand from the UFC side and this will give Becky and Ronda a chance to continue a story line there. On the other hand if Ronda went to Smackdown and Shayna got called up to Smackdown as well, they could form a tag team and go after the belts. This would give Becky and Charlotte a chance to team up and eventually face Sasha and Bayley. In any case there will be a Becky vs Ronda match, but after that happens I would like to see the other women in the division get a shot at the title while the main story line women team up.

By Taylor

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