Holy Crap, Everyone Is Getting Sick!

Oh man, it has been a bad couple of days for me. I left work Wednesday because my nose was exploding and I felt like crap, only to wake up the next day with a 104 temperature. I went to the doctor Thursday only to have him tell me that I’m an enigma. I was sick, but had no flu symptoms and no signs of strep throat. I was a little worried to say the least, but I made it home and continued to feel like utter crap. The next day my wife called in sick because I was burning up so bad that she was ready to take me to the emergency room, but luckily we had a bottle of Ibuprofen that helped bring down my fever to around 100. Saturday was a struggle, but an improvement as I started feeling better and my temperature stayed at around 99. It’s not Sunday and my temperature is steady at 98.9 which is normal, but on man I haven’t updated this site or played a game the whole time I was off. Some may think that staying home sick is the best time to game, but not when you’re feeling like I did. I now get to play some games before I watch WWE’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view which I learn has been altered due to illness.

If I was feeling better I would have put up Weekend Plans as well as my predictions for today’s TLC pay per view, but it wouldn’t be correct because there have been some changes to the card. Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas have all be taken out of action due to Meningitis, so Kurt Angle will take over Roman Reign’s place and AJ Styles will take on Finn Balor. Bo Dallas wasn’t scheduled, but since he was mentioned I assume he would have made an appearance to help The Miz during his match. This is the first time that I can remember that this has happened, but it has always been on my mind. What happens when a wrestler is sick, do they push through it or do they change them from compete to promo. Surely doing a 5 minutes promo is far less painful then exerting oneself in a match against someone. I remember hearing of Darren Young who wasn’t feeling well during a match and made a small mess in his trunks towards the end, luckily nothing appeared on the ring and it wasn’t a televised event.

In any case, that’s why the site hasn’t been updated and no new gameplay videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel. I’m at around 95%, but hope to be back to 100% soon. We do have two more videos scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday this week so look out for them.


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