Probably the best found footage film that didn’t involve ghost children and crazy wives was Cloverfield. A movie where you saw the monster less than you did of Godzilla in the recent remake, but no one complained. The movie was really well made and the story was compelling and always moving, there were no slow parts. The best part was the ending when you during the credits you heard some mumbled audio, but when playing it back you heard a voice saying that it lived.

There were numerous clips that came online of what looked to be viral videos of people in different places running to their roofs to see buildings fall down and explode from far away, nothing was ever confirmed and they could have just been fan films no one knows.

The promise of a second Cloverfield looked to be something that just wouldn’t happen, but a video taped trailer was put online that shows that 10 Cloverfield Lane will be the name of the sequel

Apparently the real trailer is suppose to go online officially today, but if it doesn’t then enjoy this before it get’s taken down. From what I can tell people have resorted to living in bunkers, possibly to escape the monster, and one of the girls has escaped. You see what looks to be the monster outside the window at the end, but because the actress is blocking it you don’t know. What I do know is that there is an official sequel, and it will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg of TRS fame.

Update: The above trailer has been changed to the official one that was released

By Taylor

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