Coming to Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4 in 2017, Vampyr is a an action RPG set in 20th century London during one of the worst plagues in history. In the early 20th century the Spanish Flu was a deadly killer with hundreds of thousands dying all over the world, and yet this is where Vampyr takes place. In the midst of death and sadness, vampires roam the streets of London preying on those who are weak. If you’re familiar with the term shooting fish in a barrel, then this is the human equivalent.

You play as someone who has been turned you now having to come to grips with what has happened, and all the newly found powers you are realizing you have. As you play you get to increase your skill tree and choose the path that you want your character to be. Shall you be a man of science like you were prior to being bitten, or embrace your new powers and become a true beast?

As you come to grips and choose the path, there still will be a survival aspect. You may have chosen the more righteous pathway, but you can’t deny what you are. You are now built on the foundation of a monster who needs blood to survive, and humans are your only sustenance. During your pathway you may take out people to quench your thirst, but be careful because this may also alter the way the story plays out.

As of right now there isn’t that much information, but the game will be coming out on PC, Plastation 4 and Xbox One. Check out a few screenshots

Vampyr-01 Vampyr-02 Vampyr-03 Vampyr-04

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