This past Wednesday the hellblazer himself John Constantine made his Arrow debut. Constantine was both a part of Oliver’s flashback and current life, which was the only explanation I needed to have him appear as his usual snarky self. To me, Constantine was a great show and I really do think it needs to be given a second chance on a better time slot. There are so many stories to be told and with the right time slot this could easily be another Grimm.

There were rumors of the show being re-titled to Hellblazer, from the Vertigo comic of the same name, and put on the Syfy network. The Syfy network did do a mini marathon of the existing episodes and it performed well, but I suppose not well enough to give it a second season on the channel. No doubt fans were in an uproar over the cancellation, and many petitions were created on the website All previous petitions have failed, but I do feel good about the existing one.

For a petition to be considered there needs to be 25,000 signatures, and the petition I came across has 16,454 at the time of me seeing it. There is no time limit, but I do want encourage people to sign it as soon as possible. The petition is targeting the El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen and the USA Network as potential new homes for the series. Whether they take a look at it or not, the fact that 25,000 people signed a petition for a show has to have someone look into it. You can sign the petition here and if you need anymore help on wondering if you should sign, take a look at this picture explaining what Constantine did on his Arrow appearance.


By Taylor

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