We can all agree that Halo Infinite is an amazing game and a much-needed departure from the previous games. The grapple shot alone is a reason to play the campaign if not to upgrade it and fly around like map climbing everything you can, which is also a good way to earn the Nosebleed achievement. As much as I and others can vouch for the fun the campaign provides, the fact is that multiplayer is what you’re going to be playing most. Now, logically, you’re going to be playing multiplayer the most because the campaign takes a certain amount out of hours to complete but the multiplayer is an ongoing situation. Even if you’re still in the campaign there’s a good chance you’re going to split your time and focus on multiplayer for one reason, the events.

Sure, there’s a store where you can buy cosmetic items, you’ll see in the armor hall, multiplayer team loading screen post-match if you win, but for some reason items achieved by completing challenges in events seem to be the sweetest of all the wearables. It all started with the Fracture: Tenrai event that allowed you to do challenges to possibly get a shogun armor set.

Well, you first have to complete other challenges to get to the unlock that allows you to get the armor. I personally didn’t really get how the events worked at first. I would enter the multiplayer lobby, look at challenges and think that completing them would allow me start working my way up to the level where I unlocked the next cosmetic in the event. What I didn’t know then, but I do now, is that certain challenges are marked with a symbol showing that completing those will unlock the next award in the event. Once I understood that, I realized that there were other non-event challenges that I needed to complete to make room for the new event challenges. Understanding this brought a whole new level of urgency to play as much multiplayer as possible. Not only was I having fun and getting somewhat better and learning the map, I was also using tactics that I never had before to hopefully work towards completing a challenge. I also found myself buying a lot more Rockstar (Sugar Free), before there were codes under the tab that allowed me to unlock perks, mostly double XP tokens that lasted 1 hour. I fond that 7-11 had a 2 for $3 and I really took advantage of that. I must also say that drinking excessive energy drinks is bad for you and I highly advise against it. With that being said, I didn’t always drink what I bought. I would give them away as long as the person provided me the code under the tab. Looking back it now seems that I’ve probably done more harm to them and their body…moving on. Once I started getting into the challenges the event ended and the next one started, Winter Contingency.

Being around Christmas the events started and I found myself playing more and more multiplayer games so my Spartan could be in the most festive of moods.

I guess I should have mentioned this earlier, but as much of a Halo fan I am, I never got too much into the multiplayer in previous Halo games. I never seemed to be good, and I jumped in so late to the game franchise itself I wasn’t familiar with the best way to navigate the map or even use all the weapons. When it comes to Halo Infinite I found myself doing better than I ever have and I think that’s due to this game being on Gamepass. With this being on service that gives everyone a chance to play there are a lot of people who are also getting into it and trying to find the best way to play in online matches. At this point I’m where I should have been when Halo 3 game out.

Ok, back to my strange addiction of unlocking a snowman charm for gun.

The holiday event came and went and then the Fracture: Tenrai game back, which was awesome.

I didn’t get a whole lot of time to play it as I knew now that these events would be coming back, but the next event is where I put the most effort. The event was Cyber Showdown

Come on, there’s a neon mohawk on a Spartan. Most people were getting excited for cat ears but for me this was the unlockable of all unlockable items. Why was it so special, I have no idea. The neon mohawk looked really cool to me and for that I wanted it. I suppose it peaked my past punk rock ways and it represented a point in my life where I dressed and acted a certain way. I mean, if I could throw on a patch of The Adicts I would probably call off work to spend all day unlocking challenges to get it. Being a dad of a toddler really doesn’t allow you that much game time, so weekends were where I would really get my game time in. I would wake up around 4:30 AM and start playing until my daughter would wake up. It was a gamble each match because you would have to play a certain game type which rotated the weapons each respawn and the only consistent challenges you could work on were to do assists or perform melee attacks. I would activate a double XP token and jump in and hopefully edge my way closer to completing a challenge. The only good thing about this was that I was gaining levels which had it’s own set of unlocks, but honestly my mind was set on getting that neon mohawk so I played and played and finally I completed it. I wear that mohawk like a badge of honor to impress no one but myself, but I also realize that just like with the Fracture: Tenrai event, this will come back with new unlocks. Shortly after I unlocked neon mohawk the even happened and the Fracture: Tenrai event came back.

I find myself now trying to play catch up and complete the past challenges as well as the new challenges, because instead of just 10 there are now 30 unlocks. I’ve also maxed out my battle pass so I can’t unlock anything else except the challenges. I tried to start a whole different game, but there’s something that is bringing me back to Halo Infinite’s online matches. It’s like an addictive taste in a food that you just can’t replicate anywhere else, and you keep going back to enjoy. Hopefully the next event will bring back Cyber Showdown and I can get some more cool neon cosmetics.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.