I know I’m super late to the party, but honestly I’ve had this in our reserve stories and I decided to now bring it out. There isn’t much to say here, because all of us should have been watching Gotham. The second half of this season of Gotham has a frozen touch and that’s because we’re going to get the live action television show version of Mr. Freeze.

To stay with some continuity he should be introduced as Victor Fries as least once before being given a nickname. We really only see a glimpse of him wearing a jacket, beanie and gloves while he uses his freeze gun. This isn’t what Mr. Freeze should be wearing unless this isn’t Mr. Freeze.

We first saw a hint of Mr. Freeze at the end of the Firefly episode when she was taken to the secret Wayne Enterprises owned basement full of people. As they wheel her by there is someone behind a curtain getting shot with cold blasts, but not screaming or showing any kind of pain. He may have already gone through the transformation or he’s so sad that his Nora is dying that he can feel no pain. This is all wild speculation and should be taken as such, I really don’t think they would go with this angle for the character.

What I do know is that we will be getting some iteration of Mr. Freeze next season, but I’m not sure if they’re going to pull his wife into it. From the title in the videos, he is going to automatically be a villain.

By Taylor

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