Ghost Blade HD Review

With the far advancements in technology, especially in the gaming world, it’s amazing how many of us will clamor over nostalgia. We can literally throw our virtual selves into a game and play against people across the planet at the same time, but there is just something about those old school games that we love.


This is here Ghost Blade HD falls into the place. If one of those games that would be played primarily in the arcade over the period of about 20 to 30 minutes, or until you ran out of quarters. This type of game you would watch as it plays its replays over and over with its very showing off its anime like screenshots. Ghost blade has made it into the new age outside of the arcade experience
To put the same into a simplistic way, you and maybe a friend are defenders of ‘the south’, or the bottom of the screen. And you are invading the norm to destroy them. For some reason, your cohorts could only afford to build tiny ships that tend to explode very easily at the touch of a single bullet. On the plus side, your ship seems to have an unlimited amount of ammunition that gets better over time as long as you don’t get blown up. Now on the north, they seem to have tons of money to invest on ships, jets, cars, and other heavy artillery, with tons and tons of bullets of different shapes and sizes, but all ships seem to lack AIM. It’s almost as though the vast majority of the ships are just shooting aimlessly into the sky. Nothing wrong with that. The true skill is to just dodge the bullets.


As I mentioned before, Ghost Blade HD is the top down sky shooter you already love. You don’t even have to had played the original game, you already know how it works and you already know the mission. With HD comes some new modes, not many new modes, but some new modes to challenge the rest of the world with. That includes a new timed mode and even a practice mode. Definitely not something you would get with arcade. On top of the the graphics have been graciously improved to an HD glory, so you definitely can enjoy this game on a big screen. One thing I do feel that Ghost blade did right was the ability to ‘rotate’ the screen to your heart’s desire. What does that mean? Well ya know how these games are generally played on a  screen thats ‘thinner’ than normal, well the HD version allows you to rotate to give a better ‘more natural’ look to it.



Where this game excels is bringing a type of classic game to the modern age, given you endless chance to basically improve on your bullet dodging skills. You have the option of making it a little bit easier, something arcades rarely offer, and a chance to practice. Also, new modes to challenge others across the world. The game definitely offers some fun and exciting gameplay that allows you to basically just dive into the action.

The Meh

Where this game fails is, with the HD conversion, there is a LOT of wasted space.

While the left side of the screen is used for the HUD, the right side of the screen is literally just a poster. This is the same mistakes a lot of HD conversions make. Because the game itself was originally designed in the 4:3 ratio, a lot of games convert to HD without know what to do with the extra space. To me, this is lazy programming and should be considered a sin. Its especially noticeable in Ghost Blades case, where the amount of unused space is either even or more than the used space. They even give you the option of picking your poster as a reminder about how much space they waste. SURE rotating the screen fixes it in some case, it’s not always feasible.

Other areas where this game falls short is in the story…………. Or lack thereof. This game is definitely mindless fun, but there’s no substance to the what or why. And to top it off, the game offers little variety in terms of content. The game is fairly shortits a fairly short, consisting of 5 levels. Now this isn’t to say that those 5 levels aren’t action packed fun. But once you’re done with the 5, there aren’t any other options than playing them on a different difficulty. THe number of ships available to you are just 3 different ships that AREN’T that different, and the level and gameplay design is pretty much uniform throughout.

My Final Thoughts?


Ultimately Ghost Blade HD is a fun run that you can just jump into, especially when you’re competitive, or when you have company and you need to fill the time. Its old school fun with little commitment or dedication. You don’t need to unlock anything, or need a tutorial. Once you pick up the sticks, and play for about 30 seconds, you already know how to play, all that you need to do now is dodge the bullets. But once you’re done with that, there’s little reason to keep the game installed.

WORTH A PLAY, especially when discounted


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