We aren’t even to Halloween and Thanksgiving is far in the distance, but that doesn’t mean that we can start saving up for the day after Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving, dubbed Black Friday, is the beginning of the holiday shopping season for those looking for deals. It used to be that stores would open up at 5am for a crowd that had been in line since 10pm the night before, but last year there were stores open on Thanksgiving day. For those of us who don’t want to battle the cold there’s Cyber Monday,but the deal I’d like to point out takes place on Friday and can be ordered online.

Not only is Dell selling a Micro Desktop for $100. but they are selling an Xbox One bundle that knocks off about $150. You can get a Gears of War Xbox One, an extra controller and Fallout 4 for $300, which is a great deal because all together they would cost around $450.


The only way to get these deals is through the Dell website or by calling them




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