Almost 15 years ago Fullmetal Alchemist started as a Manga and two years later it became an extremely popular Anime. I only got into the show a few years ago with Netflix, but I really liked it. The characters and story were so interesting, but when Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood came out and it was just an retelling of the original Anime I stopped watching. I never watched the movies, because I never knew where they fell in the line but I will get to see the live action when it comes out next year.

According to Daily Cyzo Fumihiko Sori will be directing the film and Ryosuke Yamada will be playing the role of Edward Elric. In regards to Alphonse Elric, we will see him in a CGI suit of armor. Filming will be taking place later this year in Italy and hopefully we will see it next year.

By Taylor

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