Ever since I was in middle school my morning soundtrack has been listening to Kevin and Bean on KROQ here in Los Angeles, CA.. Throughout the many years of listening I have been given nothing but joy and laughter, but I was only able to catch the parts of the show that were playing when I was getting ready for school and eventually work. Now that they have the Kevin and Bean morning show on itunes, I can listen to the entirety at my leisure, which means that I don’t miss anything. Ever holiday I not only look forward to their annual holiday concert, but I also look forward to hearing about Friends and Helpers.

Friends and Helpers is a charity, that unlike other charities, gives 100% of all donations directly to those who are affected. The charity was started in 1992 by a victim of abuse and has pledged to help others who, liker her, have been affected. Friends and Helpers is a charity to help woman and children in abusive households who sometimes have to escape with just the clothes on their backs. No one should have to go through any type of abuse and the fact that these women and children have to sometimes sneak out and hope for the best is purely heartbreaking. During the holidays Friends and Helpers accept donations, but they also allow people to adopt a stocking for children and a bag of necessary products for women. The stockings are filled with toys, clothing and items that remind the child that people are out there are care. Adopting a bag for women not only supply some clothing, but also provide feminine products that are needed for everyday use. If you’re thinking that this charity is merely for the holidays, it isn’t. Friends and Helpers also gets together donations right before school time so that they can provide backpacks and necessary school equipment needed for children.

The goal for this charity isn’t just to provide items for women and children, but to remind them that the situation they were a part of isn’t always how it is. We are all human beings and this charity reminds them of that so they can go back into society and feel equal and not less than others because of having their self esteem broken down. Staring a new school, or an existing one, is always never racking, and not having the tools needed to do the work and fit in with other children is a feeling that no child should have. I know that these events can shape a young child, but I would also like to spot light the women who have been in these abuse relationships. Some of these women are mothers and were the buffers between the abuser and their child to make sure they never were hurt. One time is too many in any case and it only takes one time to affect someone emotionally forever, so helping women get back into society, get a job and provide a living is something that these donations can help out.

You can go to the site and adopt a stocking or women’s bag or go to one of the many events they have around the Southern California area. When they have an event they accept donations of money as well as clothing and toys, which provides you a better feeling rather then selling them at a garage sale. You can also volunteer at these events to help wrap gifts, make holiday cards and assemble bags for women. The site has upcoming events, along with celebrities who will be there, check out their flyer here

Contact Them

Friends & Helpers Foundation
15260 Ventura Blvd. Suite 2100
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Phone: 818.757.1905
Email: info@friendsandhelpers.org

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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