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Forza Motorsport 7 Demo Afterthoughts

Forza Motorsport 7 Demo Afterthoughts

Yesterday the demo for Forza Motorsport 7 demo dropped for both Xbox One and Windows 10, because this will be another entry into the play anywhere library. The game offers three playable cars and one track, mainly to allow you to see how the game will look when it gets an official release early next month. In my opinion demo’s are used to help sell the game by building hype with around 30 playable minutes available to everyone for free, because free is always a trigger word for gamers. I don’t see as many demo’s in the Xbox One store as I did when the Xbox 360 was out, but when I do see them they’re mostly for smaller games. Forza Motorsport is an established franchise with successful spin offs and even a free to play Windows 10 game, so my main thought was wondering why a demo was put out. I then realized that a few weeks after Forza Motorsport 7 is released the XBox One X will be released, and they are really pushing 4K and just how powerful the system is. I also remembered that after the Forza Motorsport 7 demo was released there was an announcement that more Xbox One X system went on sale through Best Buy. This is all just an elaborate business move, and to be honest it’s pretty smart. You have an upcoming system that will be the most powerful home console out on the market, so why not show off one of your exclusive titles that constantly blows others out of the water with it’s graphics. This way you can push the game and remind people that a new system comes out and if you want this game to look as amazing as possible, you better get an Xbox One X to play it on. If you were wondering, yes I did buy an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition but it was during Gamescom.

The Actual Afterthoughts

Forza Motorsport 7 is the drug that a dealer pushes out to you for free, letting you get a hit at something that you’re convinced you’re going to love forever. You get the wave of euphoria when you start the game up and see those amazing pre-rendered opening scenes of cars that you probably will never get to drive in real life, because they’re mainly concept cars and will never make it to market. Then when you start the game you get three beautiful cars presented to you, with the choice of which one you will use to smoke the CPU competition on the only available track. A few minor setting tweaks, if needed, later and you’re in the middle of a rolling start to the race. The background music helps you feel like an immortal bad ass knowing that you’re in an amazing machine and probably going to be everyone, because this is a demo and meant to sell not turn you away from the game. As you bump your way pass the other cars you can hear their engines purr as you switch to third person mode to enjoy the full layout of the track and surrounding environment. You do your best to follow the color of the arrows on the road trying to figure out the best time to slow down, speed up and chance staying the same speed during curves. You seem to get into a groove by making all the correct choices, and as you start the last lap you see yourself making your way towards becoming the head of the pack. It’s done, you’ve captured 1st place and your riding high as you know you’re almost done with the lap and soon you’ll see 1st PLACE strewn across the screen as you pass the finish line. The time has come and you see the last curve of the course, you take it like a champ and cross the finish line. Your endorphin’s are racing and you feel like when you get this game in early October you’ll breeze through it, and no doubt capture the top of the world leader board. As the high that the demo drug has given you starts to go away you seem to get a little more clear headed, and then reality hits you.

This is just a demo and meant to sell you the game. What they are trying to give you an experience that you will no doubt have in game, but only for a few tracks. Once the easy tracks are completed you will get hit with some difficulties that you have never seen before, because with new life like graphics come life like situations. Slippery roads, better drivers and the fact that you didn’t properly upgrade a car. You may have tried to gear car upgrades to your weaknesses but the fact of the matter is that the game knows which cars are going to fair better than others and if you aren’t driving one of them you’re screwed. Checks and balances will do nothing for you if you didn’t purchase that one car that will get you past this particular race. Also, don’t think that the solution to the game difficulty is doing online and battling others because you’re no doubt going to get your butt handed to you. You may get some races with high place standings, but only after a lot of practice. Those same people who played Forza Motorsport 1-6 as well as the Horizon games know exactly what you want, and you’re noob self is at the bottom of a icy hill with sandals on trying to climb up. You have to understand that the fun experience you had during the demo is not something that will translate directly in game, because there is a lot of practice that is going to have to happen. You will get a horrible win/loss ratio under your belt before you began to make your way to breaking even.

The game looks and sounds amazing, and if you know exactly what upgrades to get and what cars to drive the controls will be no issue to you. With over 700 unlockable cars you will have hours spent trying to find the correct add-ons and upgrades to make that car you want the best it can be, and with the custom decoration mode you will be sharing all your creations online. This game will no doubt follow in the lineage of Forza Motorsport games that came before it, and continue being the best racing game out there on the most powerful console out there. If you happen to have a 4K television or display then prepare to get your mind blown with just how real these look, and if you don’t have one now the free 4K upgrade being provided will be there later when you choose too.

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