During Comic Con Stephen Amell came out and revealed next seasons Green Arrow suit, the arms were cut off and it looked like he had more maneuverability and was reminiscent of New 52 Green Arrow.  Not to be out done by the Green Arrow CW has released what The Flash will look like in season two. I love the show just as much as the next person, but to me there isn’t much of a difference.

Season 1                                                    Season 2

flash-gustin-running        FlashS2-FIRST-LOOK-r-e438a


Besides the white behind the lightening symbol I really don’t see much of a difference. Now all I’m going by is what it looks like from afar, which is considered cosmetic, but we don’t know what Cisco has going on inside the suit. For all we know the suit has a better resistance to speeds and can help him go faster, or it may just help him phase through walls. Let’s take a look at what the comics have Flash looking like from the original to now



I put this picture up to no only show that the white symbol has been there for a long time, but to point out Jay Garrick who is the original Flash and has been cast for season 2., We all saw his hat fall out of the portal during the finale of The Flash


So maybe we’ll get to see him take a look at what Barry looks like and make a comment about his current suit. We also know that the portal opened windows to the future, so we could see future Flash versions and have a scene with Kid Flash and Impulse


Speaking to future versions of Flash could be how Barry improves his suit and ends up mastering the time force. Professor Zoom is the main villain in season 2 and he’ll have to find a way to be faster and smarter than him to beat him.



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