Hey it’s been quite a while since we posted anything Final Fantasy XV related, and that’s odd because I’m a huge fan boy and could probably post daily articles. According to Gematsu Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30, 2016. Now this has not been confirmed and was said to come from an independant source. The actual release date will be told to us in about 2 weeks at Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, which Dre and I will be attending.

As much as they say their sources are credible, its no really big surprise that the game would have a fall release. It’s also pretty suspicious that the game is released within days of my birthday, it’s like they did this just for me. As I was starting to mention, the fall release shouldn’t be surprising because that’s been the unofficial word for the past few months. I don’t believe that anyone really thought that the game would be released in the Summer, and wouldn’t get pushed back to the holiday season.

In any case this is just a rumor and if you wait for about 2 weeks I’ll post the release date on our twitter account when it’s announced.

By Taylor

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