Since today has been all about Final Fantasy XV, I thought I should end on after thoughts of the new demo that was released last night. This is a completely separate demo from Final Fantasy XV: Disgea and lets you explore some of the game mechanics in an interesting way. Instead of playing with your crew as adults in the open world, you play as a young Noctis that is guided through a dream by a spirit guide in the form of Carbuncle. If the name Carbuncle sounds familiar it’s because it’s the name of a Summon from previous games. As Final Fantasy games tend to do, names are recycled and used in different formats. In this demo Carbuncle is your guide through a dream and communicates to you via a mobile phone.

Some of the main footage was shown yesterday at Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, so there isn’t anything new to reveal. You explore three different areas in your dream which consist of a jungle, a toy filled room in a home and steps very reminiscent of the only footage of Final Fantasy XIII Versus ever shown. Each area has golden crystals floating around and they are used to guide your way to the next area while allowing you to notice and interact with pads on the floor that change the games environment. There are pads that change the weather, some speed up or slow down time and some turn you into other monsters in the game. The weather doesn’t affect you, but I have a feeling that at night the more dangerous monsters do come out. When controlling animals you tend to not take damage, but just swing your head side to side to attack. There is one more thing you turn into, a pick up truck and it’s only in the toy room. The truck is there to show you how to drive the eventual car you will have in Final Fantasy XV and get comfortable with the controls.

By the time you hit the toy room you should have encountered some low level baddies and would have been given the toy sword, squeaky hammer and fireworks ability. The sword and hammer are just melee attack weapons, but you use the fireworks ability to stun enemies so then you can walk up and attack.

The one thing I did notice in the demo were that there were a lot of items in the environment that were able to be interacted with. There are boxes that can be destroyed and blocks that can be knocked down, but most notably are the rubber balls on the table in the toy room that can be launched if you hit them with the squeaky hammer. There isn’t anything special when you hit them across the room, just something fun to do.

I did try to look for any Easter eggs in the toy room, only because there were a lot of books and items tucked away. I did find a Phoenix Purple soda can which looked to be nod to Phoenix Downs and a black can with the name Ebony on the side of it. There were also a few books about The World Wanderer and a picture of a car in the back of them.

As young Noctis the battle system was the same as the Disgea demo, but you didn’t seem to take any damage. It was only the last area where you became an adult and fought a monster was damage taken. I guess I need to play both this demo and the other one because I am horrible at the battle system right now. I was able to time dodges, but I need to know when to switch between weapons and do warp attacks. The one thin that was effective was your fire ability, which can be used only by adult Noctis. At the event they said that you would get some DLC if you completed the demo, but nothing popped up except Platinum Plates and they couldn’t be located as an equipable item. You did get to rename Carbuncle if you wanted, I opted to keep it the same.

For the 39 minutes the demo ran for I had a pretty good time. It wasn’t full of pressure and there were a lot of pads that weren’t activated at the time I was playing the demo. I feel either those are activated by me or with an update later on from Square-Enix. I already have the game pre-ordered, so there’s no need to sell me. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and look forward to playing the full game September 30, 2016.

By Taylor

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