Fictorum Is The Game For Mage Lovers And Coming To PC This August

Developed by Scraping Bottom Games, and set to hit PC’s this August, Fictorum puts you in the role of a mage who loves nothing more than to destroy.

In Fictorum you don’t have to wait and gain XP to learn magic and other spells. When you begin the game you have nothing but awesome environment destroying magic, and you actually get to see your character do spells with their hands as before an attack happens. You do have the ability to customize your spells using up to three ruins, each with their own characteristics, to modify your attacks as needed. These modifications may enhance ice attacks to freeze a group of enemies which MMORPG players know as crowd control, enhance your fire attack to crumble bridges to topple enemies and enhance your lighting attack to chain it through numerous enemies.

Nothing about this game makes me not want to play it as it checks everything off of my role playing game checklist. I love being the ranged mage class, I love causing major destruction, I love AOE attacks and with the main objective to bring down a sprawling empire there is for sure going to be some amazing destructive scenes. If anyone has read Looking for Group this reminds me of something Richard the black mage would be doing.


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