Fear the Wolves

Developed by Vostok Games

Published by Focus Home Interactive

Available On: PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4

Review code given for PC

Ah Chernobyl, home of now one of the biggest radiation disasters in history. It’s actually pretty safe to go there now, but that doesn’t mean that there are still areas that are pretty dangerous for any human without proper defensive clothing. Actually there’s still a certain type of wild animal that still lives in the Chernobyl area, which have been slightly mutated, and will not hesitate to kill you if they see you no matter if you’re bothering them or not. If you’re caught in one of these areas the only way you’ll survive is to try to find weapons and wait for a rescue helicopter, but it’s going to be tough and you’re probably in the game Fear The Wolves.

I’ve had this game for a while in the early access stage and to be honest it was a hard learning curve, but mostly because at first there weren’t that many people playing and finding a game took a long time. Luckily the past two weeks prior to release has seen a boom in players and finding a game has been a lot easier.

What The Hell Do I Do?

As I mentioned above, I’ve had this game since early access was available and only had played the game handful of times due to connection issues, so before I get into my current impressions of the game I’d like to speak about how I felt at the initial play through.

When I went into this game I knew it was a battle royale game, so I understood that it was last player standing and I was just trying to figure out the mechanics that made this game different from the rest. At times I would find a game and end up walking around randomly getting hurt and trying to find the safe zone so I could try to get my bearings on where I had to go. There were other times that I would be doing well and avoiding radiated areas and would get attacked by wolves and end up dying because I couldn’t get away fast enough. I would get so frustrated, because with other battle royale games out I felt like it should be something that I could pick up and play without any instructions. There user interface was the one thing that I didn’t have a problem with, because everything was clearly marked when you came to a weapon or piece of armor.

It’s Like A Completely New Game

I had Fear The Wolves in my Steam library and had seen it get new updates constantly, but I hadn’t gone back to it in a few weeks from my previous attempts but when I did it was like a completely new game. The wait time to find a match was about a minute or two and when it loaded up there were people in the game who knew what they were doing while on mic and communicating like you do should be doing in any team based game. Also, this is was the first time I knew that this was a team game. The first game I jumped in to was amazing. I was talking to a guy who had was acting as the leader and we were going through avoiding wolves, killing players and finding an abundant amount of weapons, health and armor while waiting to be rescued. These updates had changed the game for the best and I was having so much fun. I still had some questions, but he helped by explaining that the plains that flew over periodically dropped useful supplies and the aforementioned helicopter is what we were waiting for. We had such a great time playing and the best part is that we were the only ones to escape on the helicopter and win the match.

As with most team based games, unless you play with a friend then there will be times when the people you get teamed up with won’t be as resourceful. This was the case on my second play after the major updates. I was the only person on mic which really means that each of us are doing our own thing unless one person literally shadows the other. Needless to say I found myself alone, but since the new updates had happened I was well prepared with armor and weapons. I also knew what mini radiation bubbles to avoid, which way to head to when the radiation closed in, how to take down wolves easier and to keep a look out for supply drops. I wasn’t too lucky on that play through because, even though this is a battle royale game, being on a team and communicating does keep you alive.

The one major thing that’s makes Fear The Wolves stand out from other battle royale games, is that you don’t stop playing when you die. I personally don’t like to spectate other playing after I die because I want to get back in the game, but I found that the option to help vote on gameplay mechanics like weather that affect the remaining players does make me want to not immediately jump in to a new game.

Get Your Steps In

I’ve always wanted to have a pedometer attached to your player that counts the steps you take in a battle royale game, because if you had one in Fear The Wolves then you’d easily clock in 20,000+ steps in any given round. The map is so huge that it allows your team to easily stock up and explore freely until the radiation begins to close in. The map also allows for mini side quests that you get when you find maps of hidden treasure spots. These spots usually have some good supplies and if you’re not near a supply drop area then these are your best bet. This also means that you should be exploring everything you come across. The map is filled with abandoned houses, shacks and other faculties filled with goodies that are up for the taking as long as you put the work in. If you get really lucky then you’ll come across vehicles that you can drive around, which makes you pretty much unstoppable if your team can get on one. The only thing you have to worry about, whether your on foot or in a vehicle, are the random weather changes. Dry weather is the best, but when it starts to rain then your climbing skills hurt and vehicle controls become a little more tricky.

Tips For Survival

If you’re a new playing come into this game, then please allow me to provide you with a few tips that will help you survive and literally get to the choppa

  • Use a microphone – There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get someone to follow you by acting like a goof and jump spinning top get their attention.
  • Don’t be selfish – There’s a ton of equipment out there that you and your teammate will benefit from, so communicate if you find something and share health and armor when you find it.
  • Wolves can be avoided – They don’t provide any equipment and if possible don’t waste too much ammo on them. If you want to be an elite player, lead one to another player and them attack them for you.
  • Supply crates are also bait – Supply crates will help you, but just as you saw the drop there are others that saw them as well. Take some time time and camp at a decent area, away from the closing area, and look for other players. This way you can take both their stuff as well as the supply crate.
  • Shotgun beats wolf – It’s best that one of your team has a shotgun if you can find one. They do a lot of damage to wolves and allows you to save other ammunition.
  • Patience – Don’t go running into every battle like you have the game genie code on for invincibility. Look at this like real life and take cover, move slowly, communicate strategy and if you don’t find an opening don’t try to create one.

Play This Game

My mind has completely been changed on this game since my first time logging in. What was once a 30+ minute wait to find a match has now changed to a few minutes at the most and with matches only having a small group of people in them the change of getting ganged up on by a group of people is rare. As long as you follow the tips I listed above you’ll be in a good spot and have a good chance at winning the match.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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