Long Beach is a great place to live and not just because it’s close to the beach. There seems to be a new shop opening up weekly that brings new crowds and new ideas to our ever growing area. Shopping is great for bringing in money to the city, but what happens when you want to sit down and enjoy a meal that’s also new and exciting. This is the troublesome question I run into almost every time I’m out and get hungry. I like traveling to new locations, but when it comes to places to eat extremely close to me I can’t ignore them. I have been looking around at certain places to eat recently and seeing which one really caught my eye, and  always ended up going back to one. The restaurant that caught my eye has a menu that fits my every need and want when it comes to food choices. Breakfast until the late afternoon, seafood, sandwiches that aren’t all just the same burger with a new topping, salads for a light choice, a nice piece of meat to go with the full bar they have available and an efficient choice of desserts that make you want to finish all your food. This magical restaurant isn’t a fictional place in one of the Final Fantasy games I love so much, but The Attic which is located mere miles from my house.

Driving by the attic you may just see a restaurant in the shape of a house and think it’s just for the name, but in fact this is an actual house that has been home to many businesses since it was built in 1918 and registered as a business in 1920. You can honestly say that this house grew up with Long Beach and has been there through all it’s thick and thin, a true mother house. If you ever get to put the phrase if these walls could talk to work, then The Attic is where you should start first. With the houses rich history in Long Beach on its own, The Attic took on some pretty big shoes to fill when it started 3 years ago. The owners didn’t give the name The Attic because it was a house, they did it because their first pieces of furniture were literally taken from family members attics. Old tables that had seen families grow up were now going to be tables that saw the community grow up. All paintings and pieces of art aren’t from art galleries, but from local artists. The management has tried to keep the community a keep factor as the restaurant grows in time.

The attic 2 The attic 3

A beautiful chalk painting helps greet you as you make your way through this literal home, and small paintings from local artists are passed on the way to the kitchen as a reminder of who you are helping support when you create a meal. When you walk into The outside has been given a new look with some tables and umbrellas as well as the bar area, but it’s when you walk into the house that you remember that this is a house and you begin to feel like guests of a family. The people working there are the family, the owners are the parents and this is their house which they have invited you in. There is a nice fireplace where you can sit next to and relax or tables near the many windows looking out onto the life source of Long Beach.

When speaking to the head chef about the food they prepare, he wasn’t afraid to admit that he likes to venture out and see what other people are cooking to get ideas. He also mentioned that this is a very New Orleans inspired menu, so it wasn’t surprising to learn that the picture across from us was sent by a friend from New Orleans.

The attic 4

Some people may look at this and automatically think of the football team, The Saints, but the Fleur De Lis has a rich history on it’s own and it a true lovely creation. The chef also let us know that he always tries to create meals that go well with the drinks they server there, both alcohol and non alcohol based. I asked what meal he would like at the end of his shift and he said that their butchers choice piece of meat and a depending on what time of day it was, a dark beer or an Arnold Palmer. I’m pretty partial to Arnold Palmers, but unfortunately while I dined there I didn’t order one.

I’ve spoken about the history of The Attic, their menu and the atmosphere it provides the guests that dine there, but let me now tell you what I chose to eat. As I looked at the menu I decided I wanted to have a jack and coke, while my fiancee wanted to maker her own bloody mary. This was the first time I had seen a do it yourself bloody mary menu and I was truly impressed. Some people prefer the taste of Tapatio to the traditional Tabasco, and not all places have either to choose from. They also had choices of what spirit you wanted to have and every other single item that makes  a bloody mary. My fiancee listed how she wanted her own drink to be made and they made it. She let me know it was good and would like to try new ingredients next time we come.

The attic

I asked what they were known for and the consensus was their Mac and Cheetos. I asked the chef how this meal came about and he let me know that it was one of his line cooks that helped create it. The chef had been doing his best to try to come up with a way to give their mac and cheese something special. He let me know he had tried a number of crumbles and additives, but it was only when his line cook mentioned Flaming Hot Cheetos did the number of possibilities began. The Mac and Cheetos came with Mozzarella, Jack cheese, green onions and of course Flaming Hot Cheetos. The best part was that there were 12 additional ingredients that could be added to your Mac and Cheetos. I chose to add mushrooms, jalapenos, shrimp and shredded braised short rib. The choice was spectacular and it was delicious

The attic 5

Nothing took away from any thing on that plate. I tasted every single thing and while I was eating I completely forgot that at the base of this it was just macaroni, cheese and some crumbled Flaming Hot Cheetos. Since I like spicy, I really enjoyed the surprise of a jalapeno on my fork along with the spicy topping, paired with my jack and coke it was great but in hindsight a light beer would have also been good. I happily finished the meal and gushed over it to my fiancee who had also tried it and even though she isn’t a mac and cheese fan, she really enjoyed it. After she finished her meal, I decided to get a dessert and some coffee. I’ve always been a Rocky Road fan, so when I saw the Rocky Road Square I knew I had to try it. When it came out, the presentation alone made me feel bad about eating it. The decoration looked so pretty that I just wanted to sit there and look at it as the sun light shined off the caramel brittle.

The attic 6

I put my spoon into the brownie, which cut through nicely, and mixed a piece of caramel and vanilla ice cream and that was it. The flavors dancing around my mouth were that of some I had never experiences, and that’s partially because I had never introduced caramel brittle to my Rocky Road. I’m usually a quick eater, but I made sure to take my time and really enjoy each bite of this dessert. I found out that the cold of the dessert and the warmth of the coffee along with the bits of caramel still on my tongue really worked well together.

Before leaving I sent messages to my friends to let them know that I would be bringing them here very soon and to clear a few hours aside, because I wanted them to really sit and enjoy it here. This is a must go to if you live in Long Beach or find yourself in the area and wonder if there is a great place to eat.

The Attic
3441 East Broadway
Long Beach CA, 90803

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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