We’re still about 7 months out from the release of the Suicide Squad movie, but recently movie posters were released for each of the members of the Suicide Squad and Joker. It’s not far fetched to think that Joker may have once been offered a spot in the squad, but denied or was deemed too much of a threat. The movie is taking liberties with the backstory so if it comes out that there is a line that Amanda Waller once offered Joker a spot, remember where you heard it first.
suicide-squad-movie-poster-enchantress-405x600-166055 suicide-squad-movie-poster-diablo-405x600-166057 suicide-squad-movie-poster-boomerang-405x600-166059 suicide-squad-movie-poster-katana-405x600-166058 suicide-squad-movie-poster-deadshot-405x600-166056 suicide-squad-movie-poster-harley-quinn-405x600-166054 suicide-squad-movie-poster-killer-croc-405x600-166053 suicide-squad-movie-poster-joker-405x600-166052 suicide-squad-movie-poster-slipknot-405x600-166051 suicide-squad-movie-poster-rick-flag-405x600-166060


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