#E3 Microsoft Review – From An Honest Pessimist

E3, that wonderful time of year where we all wish we could be at ground zero experiencing all the new hype the Big 3 have to offer to the world. Its that wonderful time of year were fans choose their new alliance with a gaming company, or they strengthen their bond with their original company. It’s a time where geeks, nerds, dorks, losers, winners, men, women, children all get together to bask in the joys of gaming. Its the time where companies try to obtain new souls to make the rich richer, while the feeble peons fight over who did it first, who did it better, and who won E3.

Microsoft kicked off this year’s E3 with a lot to answer for this year. Last year, they announced Project Scorpio, a super ambitious project which Microsoft would hope, would raised Microsoft’s stake to the eons. On top of that, Microsoft had to answer for Sony, who appears to be ‘taking the lead’ this generation when it comes to gaming.

Let me start off by saying, games are not that impressive to me when it comes to E3, because there’s always going to be good games, bad games, new games, old games, remade games, exclusive games, etc. I will say though, this year definitely had great games that even kinda blew me off my feet.

Well Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with this one. Now let me start off by saying, the Project Scorpio, which we now now as Xbox One X IS VERY IMPRESSIVE tech wise………….. And thats about it in terms of project Scorpio. Now admittedly I’m normally a Sony fan, and more often than not, an Xbox hater, but I always put that aside for #E3, especially since Microsoft has been bringing tech I am truly a fan of. I was definitely on board with the Kinect and Kinect 2 as well as the Hololens. I would even go as far as saying, as a techie, I am onboard with the Xbox One X…

First off, the name is stupid. X box itself is just that ongoing trend of adding an X to something to make it sound Xtreme, Xcellent, etc. In this case Xbox basically named their new system Xtreme Box XTREME!, Xbox Scorpio is a way cool name…. Should have kept it, but that’s not the big problem.
The bigger problem is Xbox set themselves up for failure with the Xbox One X. They just released an Xbox One S, which there is a market for, but released an X and did not create a market for it, or just did a terrible job marketing it. They just released a new system which they already marketed as a upgraded version of the original, now they released an upgraded upgrade? If you own an Xbox One, do you need an S? Or an X for that matter? Is it worth shelling out for double the price? Do you get double the quality? From what I can tell, from E3, The Xbox One X can play games at 4K. Repeatedly the presenter would say “Plays on Xbox one S and Xbox one X”, and every now and then they would mention “Enhanced on the Xbox One X”, but what does enhanced even mean? WHY DO I NEED AN X! CONVINCE ME!

And I understand Microsoft‘s point of view. They don’t wanna talk themselves out of users buyong 1 system over the other, but at the same time they need to sell this new systems. If some game were exclusive to Xbox One X, yes there would be hell to pay. But now they are in a funny position where they want users to realistically go out and buy the X over the S and original Xbox One with(or without) Kinect. Its going down the same path Apple does with its Iphone. Sure you can argue Sony did the same, and there is truth in that. But they gave users a reason to ‘upgrade’ over the PS4 Pro, while the PS4 Slim was just the model that replaced the original. And even though there isnt much difference between PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro, the pricing is the major difference. The PS4 Pro cost the same as the original PS4 during its launch. Whereas the Xbox cost the same as the Xbox One original WITH the Kinect. And here’s my main point. Xbox did not show, explain, or market the VALUE of the Xbox One X.

Other thoughts on Microsoft, which aren’t many. Games look beautiful, but didn’t impress with any exclusives, didn’t impress with any Fighting games. Backwards compatibility is always cool. The only thing that DID look impressive was the part they skimmed over. I would say, the part that looked to have the most exciting games was the ID@Xbox, and they BARELY touched on it. What is exciting though, and probably the best part about the Xbox Conference, is CUPHEAD STILL LOOKS AWESOME, and has a release date.

I was disappointed that neither the Hololens or Kinect didn’t make any appearance. Microsoft’s gateway into this new VR/AR craze didn’t even get a mention.

While I won’t say Microsoft let down their fans, they did little to REALLY impress. I’m sure many will upgrade, and others are excited, but Microsoft was in the position to knock this E3 out the park, and didn’t in my eyes.


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