I guess the Dwayne ‘The Rock’  Johnson had a few months free, so he decided to pick up a small side project. According to The Wrap, the small side project is going to be playing Jack Burton in the remake of Big Trouble in Little China. The original movie came out in 1986 and starred Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall very pre Sex and the City.

The Rock is in negotiations to play Jack Burton, but I don’t want them to ruin it like the new Point Break. I want it to be funny and action packed with a hint of cheesiness. So far no other cast members have been revealed, but with this kind of movie Jack Burton is all you really care about.

The movie has become a cult hit since it came out and many current day gamers will recognize some of character influence. If you look you’ll recognize someone who looks like Raiden from Mortal Kombat.




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