When it comes to tournaments in real life, in game or even in movies, Dragonball has some of the longest and more memorable. Where else can you watch two people fight Monday through Friday in 22 minute increments only to have no one win and a monster to land on Earth to challenge them both. You sure won’t see that in Street Fighter, mostly because there isn’t a TV show just an animated movie…so I guess that doesn’t work, but I digress! On the Bandai Namco Youtube channel they posted a video that announced an upcoming Dragonball Xenoverse tournament

The beta tournament started yesterday at 4 pm and will run until August 23rd and 15:59 pm.

The following information was posted on the Dragonball Xenoverse website


1. The Tournament is a time-limited rating event for online only. It begins at 25th August and concludes at August 30Th .


2. The winner of the Tournament is awarded the in game prizes Satan Badge and 7 Dragon Balls.


3. To participate in the Tournament, please make sure you are able to receive messages from the Tournament organizers1 . Please note that the organizers will not be responding to individual messages. Additionally, the organizers will not be requesting personal information from you.

4. If you qualify for the finals, you will receive a friend request from the organizers. Please make sure that you are able to accept friend requests prior to receiving this notification2 . However, please note that even after accepting the friend request, if the organizers are unable to contact you during the Period, they will treat it as a disqualification and replace your with the next highest ranked participant from the preliminaries.

5. Even if you qualify to progress to the finals, if you do not respond within 24 hours after receiving the invite, the next highest ranked user from the preliminaries will be invited instead.

6. Finals matches may be uploaded to YouTube® and/or broadcasted on Live Steam® (PS4).

7. Non-participants will be kicked from the room. Replays will be uploaded on a separate channel.

8. If a player who was invited to participate in the finals does not make it to their match on time, that player will be disqualified and the next highest qualifier will be moved up in their place

9. How to add friends and check messages on each individual platform:


How to register a user to your Friend List


PSN Messaging



How to register a user to your Friend List


How to check Messages


Xbox One

How to add a friend to your Friend’s List


Xbox One Notifications


Xbox 360

Xbox Live Social Scene


Xbox Live Messages



10.Players with abusive, offensive, or defamatory screen names and/or personas cannot participate in the tournament.

11.Players with red usernames4 cannot participate in the tournament. Please complete online matches to revert your ID to white.

12. Impersonating another person and entering the tournament will get your account penalized.

13.Any user who violates the above can be disqualified without any notice from the organizers.


14.The Tournament organizers will not take responsibility for network issues that occur on the user end, nor any personal user issues (ex: being sick affecting user performance) that occur during the Tournament.


15.Please note that the Tournament Period may change without any prior notice. Please check the official website for additional information regarding any changes to the Tournament schedule.

16.Please note that the Tournament may be canceled without any prior notice.

17.Please note that the rules and regulations for the Tournament may change without any prior notice.

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