Starting yesterday the Japanese mecha turn based strategy game DUAL GEAR went live with it’s Indiegogo campaign. The first time we had heard about this game was through a tease on their Youtube channel.

There was a link to the Indiegogo, but the launch date was the 25th, so many people wanted to know more but had to wait. The waiting is finally over and we now have all the details about the game.

Coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017 DUAL GEARS will include 30 of story for the solo campaign. There will also be 30 standard missions with the choice of doing other submissions, which will increase the length of gameplay. Much like other mech based games you will have standard mechs and then as you progress you will acquire the choice to modify and upgrade your mech. These upgrades will have to change as some of the levels require different types to have the advantage.

There is an open beta available right now and if you want to play it on your PC you can download it from here or here. You can also get the early bird special for $30, which includes a special while it lasts

First Enemy Contact!
Digital Copy + 400 dpi Digital Poster+ Digital OST+ Digital Artbook+ Digital Guide Book+ Exclusive Emblem + Exclusive Camouflage Pattern+ In game credits

5 claimed

Estimated delivery: April 2017
The Indiegogo is only a day old and has a goal of $60,000 so check it out tell your friends and help this get made.

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