What sounds like a bad translation of a Mega Man game, is really a completely free PC game paying homage to the Mega Man series. As of right now the game is not available, but by the time this hits the game will be available to download. The Facebook page had been dropping hints about the game and this is the trailer that was created by the creator MrWeirdGuy.

All of these are original characters and levels and there will be special hidden items in levels after you have beaten the game. The items are actually little CD’s that are sprikled throughout the levels once you have completed the game and picking these items up grant access to special abilities. Some of the special abilities are listed below


This is an original game so there may be some errors, there have been postings about it not working on 32 bit systems so if anything happens send a message on the Facebook page and you’ll get a reply.

You can download the game right here and make sure you download with your browser

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