Starting today you can download Arrow: The Dark Archer, which is about Malcolm Merlyn and takes place between Arrow‘s Season 3 and 4. The book is written by actor John Barrowman, who plays Malcom Merlyn on Arrow, and who has recently taken the mantle of Ra’s Al Ghul which is how season 3 of Arrow ends.


The story of the Dark Archer will not only pick up with Malcolm being the new Ra’s Al Ghul, but we’ll also get to see his backstory. John Barrowman did an interview with TVinsider where he spoke about the comic Arrow: The Dark Archer. According to the interview one of the things revealed is where the source of Malcolm’s wealth come from.


You’ll also get to see some emotion come from Malcolm, other than hate an anger, as he goes through life enjoys the pleasures of a woman.

You can download the comic on the DC Comics App, readdcentertainment, iBooks, Comixology, Google Play Store, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and ComicsPlus.


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