Doom Gets Some Tool Updates, New Levels And Free To Play

Doom just came out a month ago, but Bethesda is already gearing up some new tools to use, some new levels to play and a chance to play Doom for free. Coming later this year there will be new additions to Snapmap, which allow for more logic optionsĀ and also the ability to customize the weapon wheel. Every Snapmap feature that comes out and that has already come out will be free for everyone who owns Doom. Next month the multiplayer gets some upgrades in the form of new modes. There will be a single capture the flag mode called Exodus and a brand new capture and hold zoneĀ called Sector. Later this summer there will be 3 free for all modes and will also be completely free to all owners of Doom. Next month the first piece of downloadable content, Unto the Evil, will be available with three new multiplayer maps. The three maps will beĀ Offering,Ā Cataclysm and Ritual, new weapons and armor along with a new playable demon calledĀ The Harvester.


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