I understand that Steve Jobs revolutionized computers and how we use them. I know he was a forward thinker and how he tried to make everything better, but are there still things about him  we don’t know or even should care about? There have been so many movies, books and documentaries about Apple and Steve Jobs, that I feel that there is nothing left to tell about him. We all know about where he started, his relationships, he denied relationships, what a bad friend he was, who he used, who used him, what else is there tell? If people are complaining about super hero fatigue, then please allow me to offer up Steve Jobs fatigue.

Mashable recently released the following trailer for another Steve Jobs documentary coming out

Does CNN Films really mean that this is going to be something any different than before? Yes, I know that CNN is one of the top news tv stations and websites out there, but what’s shown here doesn’t look any different than what I’ve already seen. The documentary comes out September 4th, but it’s probably going to be more of the same stuff you already know.


By Taylor

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