I’m going to channel my inner Gordon Ramsey and call it right now, there is no reason for this to keep going because in the end it’s going to turn into a big turd. There are few movies that get to three decent movies and live to tell about it, and unless you’re James Bond or Star Wars there is really no reason for you to keep telling stories. There were new sharks in all of the JAWS’ movies and in the third Halloween movie Michael Myers didn’t even show up, yet John McClane is still alive and kicking with no oxygen tank.

According to THR there is another Die Hard movie in the works, and for those not keeping score that would bring this franchise to movie number 6. I will gladly step up, extend my arms and wipe my hands of every thing that is Die Hard. After stories of how Bruce Willis is to the cast and crew of his movies and why at this point should we beat a dead horse of a character.

stop already dead

The character of John McClane was exciting when it came out, because at the time it was new and action movies that rivaled this movie would all be B-movie found at your local Blockbuster or Hollywood video. Alan Rickman was an amazing villain and he really made the film. You could swap out any actor with Bruce Willis and the movie would movie on, but you dare replace Alan Rickman and you’re movie is just hot street trash. The only reason why we keep getting Die Hard movies is because Bruce Willis wants them. He is beginning to be a noteworthy pyromaniac when it comes to burning bridges with people in the business, and the one fail safe he has is the Die Hard movies.


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